How to slay your boudoir maternity shoot

How to slay your boudoir maternity shoot

Are you thinking of a theme for your maternity shoot now that your final trimester is coming near? If you prefer to have a raw and natural approach to documenting the last few months of your pregnancy, then a boudoir maternity shoot is something you should try out. Radio host and influencer Andi Manzano-Reyes, who is pregnant with her second child, had the same theme. This was made possible with the help of The Boudoir Dolls, who also shared the following tips on how to pull off your desired boudoir maternity shoot:

1. Schedule your shoot around 7-8 months of your pregnancy

According to them, a pregnant woman’s belly is at its roundest during this time, with the right baby bump size to move around comfortably. But it is advisable to schedule the shoot at the second trimester if you are expecting multiples.

2. Pick a theme

Since it will be your shoot, bring a touch of your personality to it by picking a theme close to your heart. Whatever your preference is, there is always a way to get creative. In fact, the more personalized your shoot is, the easier it is to conceptualize everything.

3. Choose a favorite location

While a perfect location will bring your theme to life, it will be even great if you also have a personal connection to it. Being in your happy place will make you feel more at ease during the shoot.

4. Let your husband join

Make your shoot extra special by having your hubby join you. With him being a part of your pregnancy and parenting journey, a beautiful photo taken of you two in this milestone is a good way to immortalize your experience.

5. Enjoy!

Take this shoot as a fun breather before you give birth and take care of a baby. Let your personality shine through and it will eventually show in the photos, making you look extra beautiful.

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