LJ Reyes gives birth to daughter with Paolo Contis

LJ Reyes gives birth to daughter with Paolo Contis

By Kristelle Bechayda

The long wait is finally over for celebrity couple LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis, who just welcomed their daughter Summer Ayanna. Though the details of the actress’s birth are yet to be revealed, the over-the-moon parents expressed their love and gratitude on their Instagram accounts.

LJ is in disbelief that their daughter is finally with them after months of waiting and her heart is bursting with love for her little one. “Worth every single pain! I love you sooooooo much Summer!!!! Mommy is so crazy about you!!!” the actress writes.

Paolo, on the other hand, jokes he is glad that Summer waited for 2019 to arrive before coming out or else he and LJ will have a hard time changing the hashtag #babycontis2019 in their old posts. Apparently, Summer was excited to meet the world too, as she had been showing signs of coming out earlier than the supposed date during the last week of December.

Both LJ and Paolo have children from their previous relationships. LJ has a son with actor Paulo Avelino named Aki, while Paolo has two daughters named Xalene and Xonia with his ex-wife Lian Paz.