Nikka Garcia shares one motherhood tip

Nikka Garcia shares one motherhood tip

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng | Photos by Nice Print Photography

In an exclusive interview, Moms & Babies asked the gorgeous mom-of-three Nikka Garcia on how life is with three beautiful daughters. She is grateful for having a husband who is very hands on.

They also co-sleep with all three daughters, Michelle, Patrice and Pia. This reinforces their strong familial bond, along with this one tip she shared:

“I make sure that the girls are always involved. For example, when giving baths, I ask the ates to help. Or if the ates have an event in school, I make sure they see Pia supporting them even if it’s just by being there. I allow them to play together, and even have arguments. I remind them of their roles without pressure—they actually like knowing that I trust them to be responsible. I allow them to be themselves—to be kids and to be happy.”


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