Three parenting tips from one single parent to another

Three parenting tips from one single parent to another

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Parenting is one daunting yet fulfilling journey, but single parenting is a whole different level of challenge. Single mom Tiffany Tuazon of The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub shares three key pointers on how to survive and thrive in single parent environment:

1. Forgive yourself.

Whatever the situation or circumstance, there is always that guilt that you cannot give your child a complete and conventional family setting. Forgive yourself for seeking some alone time to just breathe or when you lose your temper. Remember there is always another day and another chance to try again.

2. Be open for help.

Asking and accepting help from your support group isn’t a sign of weakness. Involve your family and friends in your parenting journey. Your child can benefit so much from being surrounded with people who truly care for you and him. One thing I learned through this experience is that when you seem to have less, you end up with so much more.

3. Be honest.

Be transparent to the people around you, yourself and, your child. Tell them how you really feel and what you are going through. Be objective when the time comes that you will have to explain yourself to your child. This is how you build trust by showing humility and letting your child understand that you are not perfect, but you are consistently still learning and growing as a person.