Five adorable bonding moments of Dimples Romana and son Alonzo

Five adorable bonding moments of Dimples Romana and son Alonzo

By Kristelle Bechayda

Actress Dimples Romana might have a busy schedule because of her entertainment projects but the mom-of-two makes sure she always has time for her family. She is hands-on when it comes to her motherhood duties and would often post on Instagram her adventures with her kids. As her youngest child, Alonzo, turns four today, February 12, we compiled some of their adorable videos together:

Mommy loves to squish those cheeks!

One of the actress’s favorite quality time with Alonzo is to have some cuddle time with him. And like Dimples, we would like to squish Alonzo’s cheeks too!

A kiss for mommy when she gets home

Coming home to your excited child indeed feels great after spending the whole day working. Here, Alonzo gives his mom a kiss when she came home from a hosting gig.

Conversing with Alonzo

Parents love to make small talk with their children because they say the most endearing things. And we can already see that Alonzo is going to grow up to be a heart-throb!

The dancing duo

When we asked her of Alonzo’s interests during the recent launch of Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp, Dimples shared that her son is the performer type who loves to dance and sing. Once in a while, the actress would post videos of Alonzo dancing alone but here, she decides to join in with him.

Who farted?

Oopsie. Who was it?

Alonzo might still be young to realize what he wants to be someday but no matter what that is, he will be supported by his mom every step of the way.

β€œI want them (Callie and Alonzo) to be able to express themselves freely in the future. Whatever they want to do, sana magawa nila iyon and sana ma achieve nila ang mga minimithi nila in the coming years.” Dimples shared in our exclusive interview with her.