Five times Paolo Contis has shown why he is a cool dad

Five times Paolo Contis has shown why he is a cool dad

By Kristelle Bechayda

Actor Paolo Contis has always been known for his funny disposition. His easy-going manner and antics have brought smiles to many, and he never holds anything back when it comes to his one-month old daughter with actress LJ Reyes. We have compiled some of his adorable dad moments since the day Summer Ayanna was born:

Daddy’s lion queen

Taken just a few days after Summer’s birth, Paolo uploaded a video of him mimicking a Lion King scene where Simba was being introduced to the rest of the jungle as their next king. The actor was sunbathing his daughter and holding her up while humming the tune of the film’s famous track “Circle of Life.”

Sandok sa sabaw

Paolo can’t seem to get enough of his newborn and wants to be with her all the time, even when he is eating. “Kaso delikado sa dining habang kumakain ako…muntik kita ipang sandok sa sabaw!” he joked.

Pinky swear

This video of Paolo commenting on his sleeping daughter’s pinky finger is one of our favorites. In our previous interview with him, the actor shared he was looking forward to rocking Summer to sleep. Since her arrival, Paolo has been doing exactly that, even after a long day at work.

Making faces

Parents like to make funny faces at their children and Paolo is no exception! In the video, the actor is seen gently rocking a sleeping Summer when he suddenly counted to three and made a face at her. It was a good thing the baby didn’t wake up. “Sleeping po si Summer dito at hindi ko siya nabulabog,” Paolo reassured in the caption.

Breastmilk ‘to?

Paolo’s recent post made headlines when he ‘unknowingly’ drank breastmilk that had just been pumped from his partner, LJ. He accompanied the video with a funny caption, “ISANG PAALALA: Breastmilk is still best for babies up to 34 years old.”

Paolo’s posts never failed to make us laugh and we can’t wait for him to share more! What about you? What are your memorable parenting moments? Share them with us in the comments section for a chance to get featured!