Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s tips for on-the-go moms

Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s tips for on-the-go moms

By Kristelle Bechayda

As a host, actress, mom, Amazing Race Asia season 5 winner, and former beauty queen, Maggie Wilson-Consunji has done so much in her life. Now, she adds entrepreneur to that list of accomplishments as she recently put up her furniture shop and cafe Casa Consunji. At the launch of her partnership with cloud platform GoDaddy Inc., Moms and Babies got to ask Maggie for some tips that other on-the-go moms can take notes from.

On handling daily activities

Maggie calls herself a very busy woman. Apart from running her business, she is also co-hosting in the travel show Beached, where it takes around four to five days to shoot one episode. While the taping may take up most of her time, she still prefers to be hands-on with her business.

“I do have a TV show but when it comes to sourcing and finding new suppliers, I along with my partners Janella and Parul picked every single item in the store ourselves. We’re super hands-on about that.” she said.

The former beauty queen is going to have more in her hands now that she is planning to expand her store. The thought of handling so much while being a mother and wife might be overwhelming, but Maggie still manages to get everything done.

“It’s all about time management,” she shared. “I believe in planning everything ahead because that way, you can sort of fit everything in it. So you can fit time for yourself, time for your family, time for your friends, time for your business, and time for your other projects or jobs.”

On being a mompreneur

Starting your own business may require a lot of hard work but it has its advantages too. For Maggie, it has given her more freedom to manage her time. “Having it at home means you don’t have to go to the office. You don’t have to make the trek, so you have a lot more time to yourself and for your kid.”

Another tip that Maggie shared is to start your business when your child is already going to school. “From 6:30 when Connor leaves the house to when he gets home at 3:30, I have all that time to grow my business or to do whatever other ventures I want to do. There’s so much you can do in just one hour. For me, I’m all about maximizing the day.”

When in doubt, the mompreneur added one can never go wrong in asking for help. “Don’t ever feel scared to open up a business. I understand it is scary, especially if you have no business background. But if you have friends that have businesses, ask them for advice. I’m lucky that I have my husband who’s there to give me advise on how to start and run a business and keep it going.”

On pursuing new ventures

Maggie is an interior designer too. In fact, she took up Interior Designing at School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) and has already done projects for her husband Victor. “Since he is a developer, I thought that in the future, it would be a good idea to partner together to grow the family business. I had interest already in interior design. It was a little hobby.” she shared.

When asked about her mindset whenever she tries a new venture, Maggie believes in just going for it. “For me, a lot of opportunity is lost because of fear. If fear gets the better of you, you’re going to miss out on so many things. I don’t wanna look back and say ‘Oh, I didn’t do that because I was so scared to do it.’

Maggie deals with her own fears by facing them head-on. “If something scares me, I’m gonna go and do it because there’s no other way to live. So at the end of the day, do what scares you because that’s how you grow as a person,” she ended.

To know what Maggie likes about her new venture and her favorite family time, watch our Fast Talk interview below.