WATCH: Actress Meryll Soriano shares why she lets her son have some screen time

WATCH: Actress Meryll Soriano shares why she lets her son have some screen time

By Kristelle Bechayda

While there are parents who don’t like the idea of exposing their children to video games and would even go as far as prohibiting them from using gadgets, 36-year-old actress Meryll Soriano allows her son Elijah to have some screen time. This is something the hands-on mom openly shared on the recent vlog post of their YouTube channel “The Curious Two.”

Marami akong mga parents na encounter na they don’t want their kids playing on the iPad. Hindi silang pwedeng maglaro ng this and like that.” she noted.

Ako naman, pag weekdays, he (Elijah) is not allowed. But on the weekends, allowed naman siya kasi feeling ko naman, this is the generation now. So I would want him to be part of that. I don’t want to hinder his growth din on the technological aspect or what is given sa panahon ngayon, di ba?” the actress reasoned.

Meryll added that while she may not be strict with her son’s gadget use, she wants to know what he is playing. “Gusto ko makita kung violent ba siya. At least, I get to see also what he’s playing, kung papayagan ko pa ba siya na maglaro ng Fortnite or not.”

Her way of knowing consists of understanding the rules of the game. In the vlog, it was also shown Elijah teaching his mom how to play Fortnite, which Meryll found enjoyable when she got the hang of it. In fact, the actress even shared that she used to play Counter-Strike back in her high school days.

When their game finally concluded, Meryll admitted she had fun even if her character died. For her, it had been a nice bonding moment with Elijah. “Anything that we can do together is something that I would always treasure.” she said.

Now that she’d seen firsthand that the game is nothing to worry about, the actress jokingly assured her son that she wouldn’t be playing with him again. “It’s good that he has his own space, he has his own activities na hindi naman siya yung parang napaghulihan ng panahon.” Meryll said.

Elijah is Meryll Soriano’s only child with actor and ex-husband Bernard Palanca.