Your baby’s first artwork

Your baby’s first artwork

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

“Expectant moms would be surprised to know that the baby’s brain is up to 25 percent developed already by 28 weeks. By using the Baby’s First Gift technology, moms will be amazed by their baby’s development while in the womb since they will see how their movement can create artworks, uniquely created just for them,” said Ms. Jong Icasiano, Wyeth Nutritionist.

Vanessa Bernabe trying out the machine.

Promama gathered a selected number of expectant moms and gifted them with their unborn child’s very first artwork, thanks to a device that they brought in specifically for the event. Entitled “Baby’s First Gift to You,” the machine detects the baby’s movements, with each movement represented by colorful splatters of paint.

Colorful artworks detected by the machine.

Each of these artworks were put on display and awarded to the expectant moms by the end of the program.