Cindy Kurleto: on motherhood and aging beautifully

Cindy Kurleto: on motherhood and aging beautifully

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

For one of Manila’s favorite stars, a lot has happened in a span of 10 years. Cindy Kurleto left the country in December 2007 to join her partner who found work in South America. She always had a strong sense of adventure and eager to experience new things. She gave birth and started a family there. In 2016, her dad’s condition got worse. He was suffering from cancer and parkinson’s disease, so the couple decided to move to Vienna and take care of him. She was pregnant during the move, and gave birth to their second daughter in Vienna. A few months after, her father passed away. “It was a rollercoaster of emotions,” the svelte mom-of-two shared.

Ten years of taking care of the family, motherhood can definitely take a toll. “Looking after your loved ones is a full time job and I can support that statement, now that I am a mother. More than ever, if I want to be able to look after my loved ones, I have to take care of myself first. I have to love myself first before I can love my children, my partner, my ailing father, my ailing mother. I have to look after myself first,” Kurleto revealed about her life and outlook. “This is my mantra. Me time, looking after myself, being healthy, eating well, sleeping well, exercising, taking my vitamins, and then I can look after everyone else.”

It all starts from within

So where does one start? Kurleto reminded us that if a pretty person is not happy with her life, it will show. “The contentment has to come from yourself and from within first.” She further explained that the more one worries, the more it will show. “I think it all has to do with empowerment. Knowing that you are doing the best for yourself. And automatically, your husband is going to see you are such a good mother to our children. She’s such a relaxed person in the house. She’s not stressing, so I do believe it’s a whole package.”b

Raising two daughters

When asked about motherhood, Kurleto revealed that her mother raised her with tough love, like most moms do. “But in this day and age, I don’t believe in tough love anymore. I believe in kind words. My daughters are going out as mixed persons with four different races in a first world country. I always have to be there to support them,” Kurleto shared on the challenges of rearing a two girls of mixed race.

How does one instill beauty from within at such a young age? “I made an exercise with my eight-year-old daughter, because she looks different from all the other people in the country (who are) blonde and blue eyed. She looks different. So I sat down with her,” said the mom. She asked her to think of what makes a person beautiful even looking at the physical characteristics. “Don’t tell me anything you see from outside, but what does a person you find beautiful have,” she reminded her daughter. They wrote down the list, which included confidence, inner peace, self love, clarity of mind, healthy lifestyle and the belief in yourself. “All of these things you actually gain as you grow old, because you know yourself better, and you are more content with your life. In our belief, my daughter’s and mine, you actually become more beautiful as you age. So I really believe, there is nothing to be afraid of (when you age).”

Beauty secrets

The statuesque mom shared that the less she uses, the better. “I seem to be allergic to really heavy and thick creams. My face, my pores, my skin don’t really like it. But what I found (effective) is that if I eat clean, sleep well, exercise and drink water, eat my vegetables, take my supplements… those helped me much better.”

Kurleto also added that more than piling on makeup and anti-aging skincare products to conceal the signs of aging, one has to feel beautiful from the inside. So how does one do this? Her essentials include proper nutrition, clarity of mind via meditation, believing in oneself, and Myra Ultimate, a vitamin-based skin supplement which has rich antioxidants to help reduce fine lines, lighten dark spots, stimulate collagen production and lessen melanin production. As for topical products, she believes in good sunscreen. “I use a sunscreen that has zinc oxide, so it doesn’t clog the pores,” she added.

The empowered mother

Surprising everyone at the launch event, Kurleto revealed that she is already 40 years old. This mom-of-two hopes to empower more women with her philosophy of self-love. Having travelled all over the world and lived in different continents, she knows that Filipinas are known for our compassion. One is considered lucky to have a Filipino nurse or nanny as part of their family. “The empowered Filipina woman knows the healing power of a massage or the pampering power of a manicure. We know that we have to look after ourselves first before taking care of others. So while I know most Filipinas are submissive and demure, I want to empower you that even though you want to serve your husband and your kids, you have to serve yourself first so you can do your job even better.”

Kurleto encourages the Filipina woman to stop worrying about aging. “Aging gracefully shouldn’t be something to be scared of. We shouldn’t walk through life thinking that us women, we’re not allowed to age. We’re absolutely allowed to age, and aging is not contrary to being beautiful.” She also added, “The more you age, the more you realize what your life should be like, the more content you feel about your life. The more content you are, the more beautiful you’re going to be.”