Get your free macaron today from Bizu!

Get your free macaron today from Bizu!

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Macarons have dominated the dessert world for quite some time, and Bizu has made it even more delectable with new variants for us to try. These crunchy and chewy sweets have been given a local twist. Take your pick from Malagos Tsokolate (award-winning Malagos Chocolate from Davao), Ube (purple yam sourced from Bohol), Durian (harvested from Davao), and Calamansi (local citrus fruits from Oriental Mindoro and other locations within the country).

“We’ve had a wonderful run these past 7 years of celebrating the Macaron Festival. Our customers always look forward to trying out the exclusive macaron flavors from Bizu Patisserie,” says Annabel Tanco, founder of Bizu. While there have been many attempts by local dessert artisans to replicate these delicious French macarons, this French-inspired restaurant delivers a packed bite-size goodness. “We follow the French tradition, so our macarons are gluten-free. We also take pride in the fact that Bizu Patisserie’s macaron varieties are all made with less sugar, and more almonds,” says Ms. Tanco.

Best news of all? Drop by today at any of their branches and get your complimentary macaron! The Macaron Festival runs until April 31, 2019. Visit their sitefor more information.