This mom goes on a 5-day digital detox and shares why it’s good

This mom goes on a 5-day digital detox and shares why it’s good

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Let’s face it, we’re mostly on the phone. Everything we do can be done on the phone, and it’s pretty hard to put it down. Well, this mom did it for five days without it and she posted how good it was to go offline for a while.

Single mom, creative entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast Drey David recently shared an inspiring post to all the moms (and to everyone, for that matter). If she can do it, so can you.

Drey David went on digital detox.

Remember when we used to say “BRB” all the time when we were online? No one says that anymore because no one leaves. We live here now.

I just did a 5-day social media detox and it feels sooo good! (Quite a challenge when social media is one of the things I do for a living.)

Key takeaways:

  • It’s true: The best moments of our lives don’t make it to social media.
  • Life is so much better when people don’t know what you’re up to all the time.
  • Just because it’s not posted on social media, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Some people prefer to progress quietly.
  • Not everything you see online is REAL.
  • Stop seeking for social media validation. You are enough.
  • REAL connections are made when you put your phone down.
  • Never let the number of likes or followers define you. It’s really not important.
  • Their lives are NOT better than yours, because their FEED is better. Not everything is picture perfect. People pick and choose what they want to share with the world. Keyword: CURATE.
  • You get what you GIVE. Showcase your portfolio, post your work, and you get more work. Post that bikini bod, and well, you get DMs. (But do it anyways, because people will judge no matter what.)
  • Practice what you POST.
  • Screenshot is everyone’s best friend. So be mindful of what you post, like and say online.
  • You have a CHOICE. Social media can be toxic especially when people start comparing and competing. It’s really up to you how you want to use it.
  • Intensions are everything. Maybe you are here to have fun or build relationships and grow your brand. Whatever it is, be your genuine, authentic self. Just make sure you aren’t here to hurt people or ruin relationships.
  • Sure, do it for the ‘gram, but make sure you do it for your soul, too.
  • Real GROWTH happens when you’re offline—physically, mentally, spiritually.

These are actually the things we already know, but need reminding of… So yeah, challenge yourself – No posting. No liking. No scrolling. JUST LIVING.

Read that again.