Dad got locked out of own iPad until year 2067 by 3-year-old child

Dad got locked out of own iPad until year 2067 by 3-year-old child

By Kristelle Bechayda

While it can be tempting to leave the gadgets to our kids so they can entertain themselves, the case of Evan Osnos might make you think twice the next time you try to do this.

Last April 6, Osnos, who is a staff writer at The New Yorker, tweeted that his 3-year-old disabled his iPad after numerous unsuccessful attempts to unlock it.

In the photo attached to the tweet, his iPad home screen showed that the gadget can be accessed again in 25,536,442 minutes, or the equivalent of 48 years’ time.

The idea of being able to access his iPad again in the year 2067 seems unfathomable, so Osnos asked his followers for some ideas.

Based on the replies, it is obvious that many found his situation amusing and one even jokingly told him to ‘reboot’ his 3-year-old instead. “Next time, just give the kid the passcode,” suggested another.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user with the username @xbrochart shared an insightful article with a step by step procedure on how Osnos can access his iPad again.

Luckily, the writer was able to find a solution. Three days after, he tweeted an update saying he got his gadget into Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode.

According to AppleToolBox, the DFU mode lets Apple devices to be restored in any state, which worked on Osnos’ iPad.

“Thanks to those who shared the advice!” the grateful dad wrote in his tweet.