Divine Lee-Go on balancing family time with work and self-care

Divine Lee-Go on balancing family time with work and self-care

By Kristelle Bechayda

It has only been a few weeks ago when TV host and blogger Divine Lee-Go shared the wonderful news of her second pregnancy on Instagram. At the recent event of the Flawless Face and Body Clinic, Moms and Babies was able to catch up with the beautiful mom on how she is doing and she even shared some of her self-care tips.

A second baby on the way

When asked on how she is doing with her pregnancy, Divine shared that she feels excited despite the morning sickness. In fact, she can’t wait for her firstborn son Baz to be joined by his younger sibling.

“There are times kasi when I see Baz na mag-isa siya na walang kalaro, parang naawawa ako. I think this is a good thing, kasi meron na siyang kalarong mas ka-age niya. Lahat ng kasama niya, matatanda kasi. So at least, he will grow up with someone,” Divine said.

While the pregnancy might be planned, the celebrity mom and her husband Blake do not have a specific gender in mind. Divine just wants Baz to grow up in a big family setting like she did. In fact, the couple are targeting to have four kids by the time they reach 40!

“I felt like I wanted a big family, and I can’t wait naman so many years for the next one kasi gusto ko nga sabay sabay silang mag go-grow together,” Divine explained.

As for her husband, Blake is sold on the idea of having a house full of people. Coming from a family with only three children, the businessman is used to being home alone.

Ang dami namin– eight. So when he saw my family, that’s when he realized he wanted a big one. He likes the idea and the benefits of having a big family. Even before we had Baz, we were already planning a lot of kids,” the celebrity mom shared.

Striking a balance

Considering herself as a workaholic, Divine didn’t mind what time she finished work before she had a family. She could stay up until the early hours of the morning, but the hands-on mom now tries to finish up as early as she can, so she can spend more time with Baz.

“I still work as much as I can, pero I have a cut-off because I find it very important na I’m there with him while he’s growing up. I’ve been working naman all my life, parang ‘yun na lang yung gift ko sa sarili ko. At least, I can choose the jobs I want and then I can say cut-off ako ng ganitong oras because I want to go home to Baz,” she shared.

She added that one of the reasons she comes home early now is because she and Blake are in charge of looking after their son at night. “By 7pm, wala na akong yaya. I tell them to go to their rooms na or do whatever they want. So it’s just me and Blake. Every day, we’re trained na pagdating ng seven, tayong dalawa na lang. So we know how to take care of our child.”

While she may be busy juggling work with her duties at home, Divine is particular when it comes to her self-care routine. “I feel like I can only be the best wife and the best mother if I feel good about myself,” she reasoned.

When asked on her beauty secrets on how to stay blooming, Divine shared these five tips:

  1. Never sleep with makeup on. Ever. That’s from my lola.
  2. Maintenance is very important. People think that they go to Flawless once or twice, but they also have to follow through at home. They have to bring the medicines, because you have to take care of yourself from the sun and pollution when you go out everyday. To maintain the quality of their skin, their progress has to be continuous.
  3. Sunblock. Important talaga yung sunblock because the sun is one of the biggest cause of damage sa skin natin.
  4. Water. It’s very important.
  5. Exfoliate. I don’t think people pay so much attention to that. Ako, I really exfoliate. I go to Flawless, then I do my scrub and my peels. Those are important because it will help your skin’s collagen to produce.

Divine shared that looking after herself is something that she likes doing. No matter how tired she is when she gets home, the celebrity mom consistently allots 30 minutes for her skin care regimen instead of sleeping right away.

“I feel like in order to take care of your family and to treat them well, you should feel good about yourself. That’s also very important. That’s the only way you can be the best for them if you’re the best for yourself,” Divine explained.