LOOK: Viral photo of breast anatomy amazes mothers

LOOK: Viral photo of breast anatomy amazes mothers

By Kristelle Bechayda

The human anatomy never ceases to surprise us with its beauty and natural capabilities. And it continues to do so when a tweet showing what the muscular system of a woman’s milk ducts look like becomes viral.

Having not yet seen the muscular system of a female, Twitter user @lemondead exclaimed her surprise upon sharing the mentioned image and wrote in the caption, “I just realized I never saw a photo of a female muscle system. This is NOT what I imagined milk ducts to look like.”

Mixed reactions

As of this writing, the said Tweet has gotten 138,000 likes and 46,000 retweets, eliciting a mixed range of reactions online.

“I DON’T WANT BREASTS ANYMORE,” wrote one, sharing the same sentiment with the uploader who added that she is ‘stressed’ upon finding out what’s inside her breasts.

“No I really didn’t need to see this, hmmm the trauma!” said one, mirroring the response of the many others who found the photo to be disturbing.

Others, on the other hand, can’t help but compare the structure of the underlying muscles to that of a flower and even a bunch of water balloons.

Mothers are amazed

Despite the honest visual causing discomfort among others, mothers marvel at the beautiful anatomy, especially those who have already tried breastfeeding their children.

“I’ve been breastfeeding for 6 years, i read a ton of books about breastfeeding and I never saw this representation. It would have seriously helped me to express had I seen it beforehand,” another mom added.

Meanwhile, a user named Catharina slams the uploader’s negative response by saying, “Yep, fed three babies and now healthy and grown up. Natural! Have they showed a cows teats? We all look like that underneath our skin.”

The breast anatomy explained

According to Mayo Clinic, each breast contains a number of milk-producing sections called lobules that branch out from the nipple, which are linked by the ducts that guide the milk to an underneath reservoir.

“If you’re breast-feeding, ducts carry milk from the alveoli (tiny, hollow sacs held by each lobule) toward the dark area of skin in the center of the breast (areola). From the areola, the ducts join together into larger ducts ending at the nipple,” the article explains.