Update: Expanded Maternity Leave

Update: Expanded Maternity Leave

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

The 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law has officially been signed and rolled out last month, but there are still many issues that need clarification. The Parenting Emporium hosted a mommy forum for the Office of Senator Risa Hontiveros, creating a venue for parents to ask, suggest and discuss.

“A great, great thing has happened, and many of our fellow women who worked on this with cannot stop smiling until now,” exclaimed Hontiveros. Here are some points discussed at the forum:

1. Women working in government, private and informal economy sectors who gave birth after March 11, 2019 can claim their 105-day maternity leave. They can also extend for an extra 30 days with no pay. Solo moms are given 15 more days, too!

2. Informal workers may claim their maternity leave, on the condition that they have made SSS remittance for three months in the past twelve months. “SSS will continue to cover maternity benefits for up to P16,000 per month,” explained the senator.

3. It can be claimed after pregnancy and miscarriage. For those who miscarried, the leave will be for 60 days. “This is to give enough time for the mom to recover from physical and mental health such as postpartum depression,” added Hontiveros.

4. Aside from the 7-day paternity leave (if married), the mother can allot 7 days of her 108-day leave for the father. If not married, then the allocated 7 days from the extended maternity leave is enough for the new dad.