Dr. Vicky Belo shares what she values most as a mom

Dr. Vicky Belo shares what she values most as a mom

By Kristelle Bechayda

In honor of women for this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, home furnishing distributor Focus Global Inc. hosted an exclusive luncheon last May 10, 2019 where the the 50th anniversary of the iconic Mama Chair by furniture brand B&B Italia was also being celebrated.

The Mama Chair, which was created by avant-garde Italian architect Gaetano Pesce, shows the artist’s abstract depiction of a mother and child, along with his critique on women’s oppression when it was first introduced in Italy back in 1969.

Now, 50 years later where there is much progress on women empowerment, B&B Italia’s brand ambassador for Mother’s Day Dr. Vicky Belo can’t help but share her thoughts about the chair’s history and how it reminds her of her bond with her three-year-old daughter Scarlet Snow.

“What intrigued me about it was that the designer was also a feminist and he wanted women to be free. For me it’s all love and warmth and caresses. It’s all happiness,” said Dr. Belo who believes that all women are empowered differently. “Find something that will contribute to people’s lives and that will enrich and empower you as a woman in the process.”

A hands-on mom, Dr. Belo also shared that she finds motherhood to be fulfilling. Her parenting style may have evolved throughout the years, but she has been constantly praying to be a good mother who can balance discipline with love.

Describing Scarlet as a ‘combination of an adult and a child’ because of her advanced thinking process, Dr. Belo added that she and her husband, Hayden, put more priority on their daughter’s character formation. Although she is a social media influencer, the three-year-old still wonders why everybody knows her.

“This is why we’re sending her to a Christian school, even if logic would dictate to send her to an international school. If she comes out the most intelligent person, a summa cum laude and her character is not kind, loving, and God-fearing, it would be again not worth it,” she explained.

When asked on what is her favorite part about motherhood, Dr. Belo fondly shared. “The most fun part of being a mom is being hugged and kissed and told “I love you.” For instance, she just stops what she’s doing and she’ll run to me and tell me she loves me. I feel like I’m in heaven!”