Free to play

Free to play

Sarah Lahbati, together with Pampers, invited over 100 moms to join them in their nationwide advocacy, #BetterforBaby Movement. Their goal is for everyone to realize the importance of unhindered play and movement, so babies can be free to learn and explore the world, and the brand’s less lawlaw diapers can help babies move around comfortably without apprehensions and irritations.

“I’m so excited to launch the #BetterforBaby campaign with Pampers. I’ve learned that the more our babies play and move, the more it helps them develop their skills. We need to pay close attention to the small yet critical things that can help them move better, such as the right diaper. I chose Pampers for Zion, and even now with Kai. I know they are able to move better and with greater ease because Pampers is less lawlaw compared to other brands,” revealed the doting mom-of-two.

A panel of experts also joined Lahbati on stage, adding that there should be more galaw-friendly public spaces, and ensuring babies can move comfortably by choosing the right diaper. Ms. Bambi Borneo, President of Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP) added, “Two-three hours of playtime and exercise for babies during the day will not only help them develop physically, but cognitively as well. It’s important for babies to move comfortably without much bulk hindering their movement. So, a good diaper na less lawlaw is very important.”

To ensure that there is a safe community of parents who can help each other with this advocacy, Pampers introduced their microsite. It’s a platform for everyone to show their support and share stories of how they are making life #BetterForBaby. As an added perk, the more you share, the more you get points. Help the site reach 10,000 points, and Pampers will donate newborn kits and galaw-friendly play areas to hospitals across the country. Accumulate 30,000 points for the diaper brand to donate to five chosen hospitals across the Philippines. Participants will also get a chance to win up to three months’ supply of diapers.

Ms. Ragene Palma, Urban Planner and one of the panelists of the event, shares, “Thanks to Pampers #BetterforBaby, we can raise awareness of how important movement is for a baby’s overall development. We can create more galaw-friendly spaces in more communities which is crucial in aiding in the development of babies.”