Hilarious: What if Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow had a baby?

Hilarious: What if Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow had a baby?

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

We’re already in episode 5 of 6 for the last season of Game of Thrones (GoT), and most of us are invested in one of the main characters (and good guy), Jon Snow.

How to Dad‘s Jordan Watson, New Zealander (Kiwi) and father of two daughters, is obviously a fan as well, and he just released this funny video a few hours ago.

On his YouTube post, he gives us an idea on how life is like for Jon Snow as a first-time parent: Jon Snow has a baby and he knows nothing. Game of Thrones may have all the budget, but were they ready for this plot twist and amazing special effects?…probably. But still, here it is.

The almost three-minute video posted on both his Facebook and YouTube accounts starts of with him wearing a costume that is similar to Jon Snow’s, carrying his baby daughter. He introduces himself, talking in British accent: “I am Jon Snow, and I’ve got a baby.”

Then, he moves on to the first scene of make-believe fatherhood for Jon Snow. Here are the relatable scenarios that he tackled (with humor) in the video:

  1. looking for his keys, because he has to ride the dragon
  2. cutting bread for his baby with his sword
  3. riding a flying dragon with his baby, and stressed out because she has to go and poo. “You know how hard it is to look for parking for this…”
  4. defending the walls of the city from the White Walkers (zombies in the series), but daddy duty awaits because he has to put the daughter to sleep
  5. giving a speech, but suddenly looks like he’s going to vomit due to his daughter’s poop that he smelled. “Excuse me, I have a weak stomach,” as he moves away from the scene
  6. putting his daughter to sleep with a scary lullaby about the White Walkers
  7. giving another pre-battle speech this time, with the baby crying in between phrases that led him to speaking in baby talk to calm her down. He ends with, “Does anyone know a good babysitter?”

Daddy vlogger Jordan has, again, successfully merged pop culture and parenthood in this video. He shows us that all parents face the same challenges, no matter what era you may live in.

Jordan Watson has over 1.8 million followers on Facebook, and 380, 000 subscribers on YouTube to date. How To Dad channel started with his very post on “How to carry a baby” three years ago, garnering over 3.4 million views.