Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio announces gender of second baby

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio announces gender of second baby

By Kristelle Bechayda

Last week, former actress Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio has been giving hints on having a gender reveal for her second baby any time soon and that day finally came when she uploaded another vlog on her YouTube channel yesterday, May 16.

Rica, who is now on the final trimester of her pregnancy, had everyone guessing on her baby’s gender. To make the waiting game even more suspenseful, she asked her followers to send a video of themselves sharing their guess and why they thought of it.

Like Rica and Philip, majority guessed it was going to be a girl. “I actually wanted a girl. Not for myself, but for him,” said the actress, referring to her husband Joseph. “Kasi they’re all boys in the family, so they’re all brothers. So they haven’t had any experience of having a sister or just really taking care of a little girl.”

It was only after everyone shared their guesses when Rica and her family revealed that they are going to have another boy, to which the actress jested that she would have to try getting pregnant again next year so she might have a girl.

“I was thinking if this baby was already a girl, okay na. But apparently, God has it for us to have two boys for now,” Rica explained. She added that even before then, she had been wanting to have three boys.

“To know this is a boy is actually a fulfillment of my original dream and I’m open to having another boy next time. If it’s all boys, I don’t mind because whether boy or girl, [it’s a] win-win,” she added.

As for Philip, the excited kuya can’t wait to meet and watch his younger sibling grow so he could finally have a playmate.

Her husband, who is happy to have either a boy or a girl added that Philip’s younger brother seems to be excited to meet him too by saying, “Actually, we can tell that he always responds when Philip talks to him. Iba yung sipa niya, iba yung activity niya pag siya.”

It was on January, 2010, when Rica tied the knot with her husband Joseph Bonifacio, who is a Christian pastor. They welcomed their firstborn Philip on 2014.