Soothe and nourish

Soothe and nourish

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Mothers, with kids of any age, are always in search for the safest and best products to use on their children. The most concerned are moms who are expecting, and those who just gave birth to newborn babies.

Gloria Yuan, an aromatherapy expert and the international trainer for Neal’s Yard Remedies, flew in recently to officially launch the organic Mother & Baby bath and body care collection. She also shared a few insights on the importance of choosing the right products and how to use them.

Moisturize all the way

Everyone is afraid of stretch marks, and no one can predict if you will have them after giving birth. Though Yuan, being a mother herself, doesn’t have stretch marks, she shared that she still experienced irritation when her belly started to expand. “This is because your skin is expanding. You’re losing all the moisture and your skin is actually cracked. What you need is a lot of protection,” explained Yuan.

The Mother’s Balm is 100 percent organic made up of oils from coconut, apricot, sweet almond, macadamia, and beeswax. It’s also fragrance-free. Yuan added, “Why no essential oils? Your pregnant body isn’t stable yet. Essential oils might have an effect on your hormones. We want to play it safe and just give your skin the best nourishment.” What’s great about this affordable product (at only P550) is that you can even use this multipurpose balm even after giving birth. “After you deliver, your skin is trying to get back to its original shape. Even if your kids are grown up already, you can use it for your cuticles. Also for breastfeeding, you can use it on crack nipples as well.”

Strive to feel good

A massage is always a great idea, all the more for expectant moms. Giving birth to three children herself, she understands the roller-coaster of emotions a new mom goes through. From emotional stress of worrying all throughout the nine months and beyond, to physical challenges of carrying the baby, mothers have a lot to deal with. “You can’t even sleep well. Massage is a really great help for expecting mothers. It helps to take all the stress out,” she revealed.

International Trainer for Neal’s Yard Remedies, certified aromatherapist, and mother-of-three Gloria Yuan shared tips for expectant moms and babies.

She also added that this is her favorite: “The combination of chamomile, lavender, and rose essential oils is so soothing and calming. For postpartum, it’s a great massage oil for new moms, because I really think we need to take care of the emotional (challenges) of the new mom. It’s a big issue.”

Choose to be gentle

One has to be extra careful when taking care of your newborn baby. Though it’s normal to have minor skin complications (such as acne and eczema) from birth, we still want our babies to be clear from those skin irritation. Make sure to keep them at bay by choosing baby-safe products such as their Baby Bath & Shampoo and their Baby Lotion which are both 95% organic, with the bath and shampoo having mild detergents that came from fruit sugar and coconut. Their lotion has borage oil that also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is available at Rustan’s Beauty Source.