Surprise your mom to a special Mother’s Day treat with Grab

Surprise your mom to a special Mother’s Day treat with Grab

From appetizers to mains, and desserts, this mobile app has got you covered

There’s no rest for mothers. Even when everyone is asleep at night, moms are still up and about, preparing for what the family needs for the day ahead. So how do you show your appreciation for all the things she’s done for you?

Here’s an idea! Treat your mom to a real Mother’s Day celebration where all she has to do is to relax and take the day off. Why not plan a surprise party packed with your Mom’s favorite dishes? With the help of GrabFood, you can plan everything through your mobile app. Choose dishes and book deliveries right in front of her; she won’t have a clue at all.

Below are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Appetizers
    It’s always a great idea to introduce some starters such as siomai from Chicks & Fins or sushi from Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi. These bite-sized snacks will surely put everyone in a good mood, as you pull everyone to take their seats.
  2. Mains
    Take into consideration who will be joining the family table. Will there be grandparents and children? Best to order all-time favorites like pasta dishes from The Old Spaghetti House, pancit from Buddy’s, pizzas from S&R, Lechon Kawali with and rice by Lechon Haus, soup from Bulalo World, and seafood dishes from Blackbeard’s Seafood Island.
    Or you can always book family set meals from restaurants such as Congo Grill, feast options from Italianni’s, and food platters by Racks.
  3. Desserts
    Try Cheese Tarts from Pablo, and cakes from Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes. Pair it with coffee and milk tea drinks from Black Scoop and Macao Imperial for a delicious ending.

The tricky part of hosting a surprise celebration is always the planning stage. Luckily, with available technologies today like GrabFood, all the food that you’ll be needing for a Mother’s Day feast is just a few taps away. Just download the Grab app and choose “Food” from the product selection menu, then enter your delivery address. Select a restaurant and food you want to be delivered to you. Select a payment option, and that’s it! All you have to do is to sit and wait.

For added convenience, GrabFood delivers well-loved dishes in Metro Manila from over 7,000 merchants everyday from 9AM to 9PM with no minimum order required. And as an everyday super app, Grab is taking the extra mile to make the special day for Moms even more special with its Grab Mother’s Day Everything Bundle. Packed with goodies worth PhP 890, Grab users can purchase using five pesos worth of GrabPay credits. To avail, users just have to click on the bundle’s widget in-app and slide to pay, instantly receiving the contents in their MyRewards page upon purchase.

Remember, our moms deserve only the best not just during special celebrations but even on a normal day. Happy Mother’s Day!