Five Pinoy Superdads that I look up to

Five Pinoy Superdads that I look up to

By Bryce Larrosa

“Dad, you are my superhero!”

Says my 6-yo daughter Zia after I cooked her favorite ulam. As a stay-at-home dad, hearing this type of affirmation from my kid or my wife is basically where I get my delight from. They say most dads are like a superhero to their kid.

That is a good thing. But not everyone knows that even us dads need our own hero where we can draw inspiration from especially in parenting. I for one have a long list of fellow Dads that I consider my heroes, or inspiration in parenting my three kids, Zia, Zela and Zed. You can find most of them in @PinoySuperdads, an IG and FB page where we honor and recognize dads from all walks of life who are very intentional in bringing their children up.

Allow me to share five Superdads that I also consider my #InspoDads.

Pinoy Superdad 1: Francis Kong

Photo from @franciskong2.

Wife: Lilia Kong, aka The Ilocana

Children: Bryan, Hannah, Rachel

Position: Inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, author

Why I look up to him: When he speaks, people listen. He is a man of great wisdom. And as a dad, I draw inspiration on how he raised his children who are all very successful in their chosen careers. Any parent would want to know the secret. I read one of his blogs and I learned that despite of all his commitments as a speaker and a businessman, he kept his family on top of his priorities. I admire him more. If a person as busy as Francis Kong can set everything aside to give time to his family, I can see no reason why any dad, including me couldn’t. Here are some of my favorite lines from his blog published in and entitled What A Father Is: “Fathers need to spend time with their kids. I’m glad I did. I may have traveled a lot, spoke for more than 300 times in a year for many years (I still do today) yet none of my kids today would ever say that I did not have time for them. Second to God and The Ilocana, my kids are my priority over my businesses.”

Pinoy Superdad 2: Anthony Pangilinan

Photo from @anthonypangilinan.

Wife: Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

Children: Donny, Hannah, Benjamin, Ella, Solana

Position: Management trainer, motivational speaker, author and productivity consultant

Why I look up to him: He raised amazing kids that most youth look up to today. I admire how he is very intentional in mentoring his kids about life. In one of his Instagram posts, he shared how one can make each year better by making the previous year W.A. E.P.E.K. and here is how: 1. Work on your weaknesses 2. Act on activity not productivity 3. Escape from Reality 4. Pursue the goal, forget the process 5. Embrace something new without letting go of something old 6. Keep your eyes on the past, away from the present and future. WA. E.P.E.K! ang New Year mo talaga! #MagbagoTayo #change101” I have my share of parenting weaknesses and struggles but I can make them WA EPEK by applying these steps shared by Anthony in making myself better as a parent.

Pinoy Superdad 3: Doug Kramer

Photo from @dougkramer.

Wife: Cheska Garcia-Kramer

Children: Kendra, Scarlett, Gavin

Position: Filipino basketball player

Why I look up to him: He inspires me to dream and achieve bigger things for my family so that our son and daughters would only have what’s best for them. Our family has been following their journey for about two years now and we are just so blessed by their story. I am personally inspired by how Doug implanted the value of purity and setting standards on how a man should treat them (his daughters) by giving them a promise ring during their 7th birthday. In one of his Instagram posts, Doug mentioned that the promise ring holds a very important lesson that his daughters would carry well as they grow up. “As a father to my daughters, I want to set the standard and benchmark of how a man should treat a lady. They see this evidently on how I treat my wife, my mom, my sisters and most especially how I treat my 2 baby girls. And through seeing this, hopefully and prayerfully, they won’t settle for anything less. One of my greatest prayers is for my children to marry God’s best for them. I would definitely give a promise ring to my daughters too.

Pinoy Superdad 4: Dennis Sy

Photo from @dennissiasy.

Wife: Thammie Sy

Children: Mikaela, Alyanna, Isaiah, Liam

Position: Pastor, CEO – Act Like a Man

Why I look up to him: His biblical foundation of influencing and raising men that this world needs is amazing. In one of his blogs, he shared that raising men as leaders starts at home. Dads like us have the power to change the next generation for the better just by being the right kind of influence our kids need. As Pastor Dennis shared in his blogs published on and entitled Raising Men As Leaders, “What they (our kids) see is what they’ll get. We might preach one thing but if we live another way- our actions would always trump our words. Do what I say and not what I do doesn’t work. On the same breath, displaying affection to our spouse, dating and prioritizing her would communicate volumes on how we should treat our wife. When our kids see a loving family, they embrace a healthy vision of marriage.”

Pinoy Superdad 5: Edric Mendoza

Wife: Joy Mendoza

Children: Elijah, Edan, Titus, Tiana, Catalina, Caylee

Position: President, Homeschool Global Inc.

Why I look up to him: I am a homeschooling dad and Edric is also one. He’s looked up to by many parents as well. Our child is enrolled in Homeschool Global Inc. which is led by Edric and his wife Joy. What made us choose his institution is how we see them live by the principles they teach during our orientation. One of which is putting your family first regardless of any situation. Plus, I see how he loves and respects his wife just by looking at how they talk to each other. His passion for his marriage is something I want to emulate. On top of this, raising and homeschooling six kids is not an easy thing to do but they were able to do so and seeing their fruits, in the way they kids conduct themselves when talking to people and excel in what they do, is something I find amazing.