Your CEO as babysitter? Working mom shares how family-oriented her company is

Your CEO as babysitter? Working mom shares how family-oriented her company is

By Kristelle Bechayda

One of the main concerns of parents is to whom to leave their child to when they go off to work, especially if they don’t have a relative or a yaya to constantly look after them. Filipino parents aren’t the only ones who can relate to this. Recently, American mom Audrie Burkett was also put in a similar position when her one-year-old daughter couldn’t be brought to the daycare.

Audrie took to LinkedIn to post a photo of her company president and CEO Greg Wathen pushing the stroller of her child down their office halls. She shared that when she told him about her problem, her boss didn’t think twice of looking after her daughter.

“I had two meetings that would be very difficult to miss or join by phone, and he didn’t hesitate when he told me to just bring her into the office. I knew keeping a one-year-old entertained for an entire workday would be a challenge I hadn’t faced before, but our team embraced our youngest employee of the day,” she wrote.

Audrie added that his boss acknowledges the struggles of working moms, and is grateful to be working in a company where family time is being prioritized.

“[I] hope other working moms out there receive the same support from their leaders,” she said. “In my opinion there is no better way to show your team you care than by letting them make their family a priority.”

Her post has gotten viral, with more than 88,000 reactions. Fellow working parents can’t help but admire the CEO’s heartwarming act, mentioning how challenging child care can be for moms and dads.

“I love this! I often have to bring my eldest to work at 7am as there is no option of care before school at that time.” Cherelle Pollard replied,

Caryn ParrCage also shared a similar experience. “I once worked for a bank. I got a call one day that my infant daughter was sick and I needed to go to daycare to pick her up. When I went to my manager to ask my manager said “alright, this time, but in the future you need to find other arrangements.”

Meanwhile, Shelley Jennings admires the support the company is providing for its parent employees and said, “You are so blessed to work for great leadership who understands the challenges moms and dads face everyday. Kudos to Mr. Wathen for setting the bar high and being someone who will roll his sleeves up to help support his team…..whatever is needed.”

What do you think of this story? Isn’t this heartwarming, indeed?