Baby spa provides massage and hydrotherapy for infants

Baby spa provides massage and hydrotherapy for infants

By Kristelle Bechayda

Who would ever want to turn down an opportunity for some relaxation? It looks like adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from massages and hydrotherapy. Did you know these services can also help in the development of babies?

Their benefits is something LittleSplash Baby Spa wants to impart to parents. In an interview with Moms and Babies, Jerilyn Elmaga, who is one of the owners of the newly opened spa in San Juan City, shares the preparations for her unique business venture and the services they offer.

The LittleSplash Baby Spa in San Juan City is the first baby spa to open in the country.

Are baby spas safe and recommended?

With the concept of baby spas having gained popularity abroad because they help in the physical development of babies, this piqued the interest of Jerilyn, who visited baby spas in Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia to observe how they operate.

In fact, such claims are actually backed by research. According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Noviani Ni Wayan of Midwifery Academy of Kartini Bali, baby spa actually increases the babies’ growth and development.

This conclusion was made after following 20 infants ages 3-6 months old as they underwent baby spa treatment once a week for 12 weeks. By the end of their treatment, the probability value of their growth and development increased from 0.0000 to 0.021.

Jerilyn, who also has a two-year-old son, added that massage and hydrotherapy are also great ways for parents to bond with their babies. “Touch is the most important way to interact with your babies. This is the best way to strengthen their immune system and feel the love with their parents,” she explains.

Parents are there throughout the whole session

The LittleSplash Baby Spa has catered to babies as young as two months old to toddlers up to two years of age. Handling infants as young as that is such a daunting task and when asked on how they ensure their customers’ safety during the procedure, Jerilyn shares she made sure that her staff are competent and experienced.

“Babies are very fragile therefore we hire only the caregivers with experiences. My caregiver has handled newborn babies for the past four years and we train them the best we could. Until now, we still meet some pediatricians to teach us more about handling babies,” says Jerilyn.

Over six of Jerilyn’s caregivers have undergone training from a Japanese woman named Mari Hosono, who specializes in infant massages. Mari will also be teaching the parents on how to massage their babies in the spa’s upcoming massage classes.

Mari Hosono, Jerilyn’s trainer, massages an infant customer. The babies’ parents are present all throughout the sessions.

Jerilyn adds that the parents are also involved throughout the session. “As much as possible we let them handle their babies at all times. We assist them and give massages for babies and let them play and have a great bonding experience with their precious ones.”

If the adults like to be massaged and pampered, just imagine how enjoyable it can be for babies. “We see that babies love how they can freely kick, balance and float in the water. They enjoyed it so much and they also love how they will be massaged after a nice flotation. It’s also a great experience for them in regards with the exposure to water.” shares Jerilyn of the babies’ reaction to their services.

How baby massage and hydrotherapy work

“Our procedures are very easy and can be done at home too,” shared Jerilyn, when asked on what happens every session. “First, we check the babies’ temperature, which is very important before putting them in the water. Afterwards, we will prepare the baby’s towel, swimming diaper and let the parents double-check the water temperature to know if we should adjust the water before we put on the babies’ floaters and start the hydrotherapy.”

Like the massage, hydrotherapy sessions also last around 15 to 20 minutes.

Not wanting the babies to get hurt from the floaters’ pressure on their necks, the hydrotherapy procedure only lasts around 15 to 20 minutes. Jerilyn adds, “After that, we shower and dry them. Then once the babies are relaxed, we do the massage. Some babies fall asleep when it’s done, but some prefer to play around and that’s the time when we provide bathrobes for them.”

Cleanliness throughout the spa is maintained by washing the toys and changing the water after each session. As a routine, floors are also mopped in the mornings and their play mat washed on Sundays.

Parents can avail both the hydrotherapy and massage for their little ones at only Php 1,200 but separate services are also available at Php 700 each.

More parent-child services coming up

LittleSplash Baby Spa may have only started operating last May 14, but it has already been getting good reviews. “We got positive feedback from customers and a lot of people got curious and some were amazed knowing that there is a baby spa here in the Philippines,” says Jerilyn.

Apart from the hydrotherapy and baby massage, Jerilyn also plans to add more services to her baby spa.

Apart from the mentioned services, it also offers massage classes and party packages for occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, and simple family gatherings.

Jerilyn shares they have plans on adding more to their services. “We hope to expand additional branches in the near future to bring it closer to families who want their little ones to experience our baby spa. We plan to have a day care service and nail services for parents while their babies are relaxing.”

To ensure full safety, consult with your pediatrician first before taking your infant to a baby spa session. For more information on LittleSplash Baby Spa, follow them on Facebook at @littlesplashbabyspa.