Pregnant meteorologist calls out body-shaming viewers

Pregnant meteorologist calls out body-shaming viewers

By Kristelle Bechayda

An American meteorologist who is on the final trimester of her pregnancy publicly calls out viewers who have been body-shaming her online.

Ashlee Baracy, who works for WBNS-10TV in Ohio, has been posting screenshots of critics’ body-shaming messages on her Facebook account. The 34-year-old reveals she has been getting them since she announced her pregnancy back in February.

Having been in the broadcast media industry for years and a former beauty queen herself, Baracy is used to her body being under scrutiny and knew viewers would have something to say about her changing body.

However, nothing prepared the soon-to-be first-time mom about the barrage of insulting comments she received on her social media accounts. One even went as far as telling her through email to control her weight before she could develop any heart problems.

“I love my growing body…it’s an outward symbol of the miracle inside me. The bigger it gets the healthier I know my baby is. I call out each disgusting person who shames my pregnant body,” Baracy wrote on Facebook.

Grateful for the outpouring support and encouragement she is getting from others, the meteorologist added she will make use of her platform to shed light on body-shaming.

Baracy said on Instagram, “I chose this career because I believed it would give me a platform to make a difference…as a role model and a meteorologist. I never really considered how many different ways I would be able to make an impact, but hopefully this is one.”

“I truly appreciate every #10TV viewer who has supported me and encouraged me throughout my pregnancy and let’s hope by shedding light on body-shaming that fewer people will deal with critics like this in the future, pregnant or not,” she added.

Featured image from Ashlee Baracy’s Instagram account.