Raw and real: Andi Eigenmann’s messages to all the pregnant moms

Raw and real: Andi Eigenmann’s messages to all the pregnant moms

Andi Eigenmann is going on her 39th week, and we will be meeting their little bundle of joy very soon. The waiting game will soon be over, and Andi will get to meet their second child in few days (or weeks)!

But while everyone is on standby, we’ve compiled some of her memorable Instagram posts on pregnancy musings:

1. The first time she announced her pregnancy online was dated February 4, where she celebrates another blessing in her life.

“This time around, I am fully cherishing every moment of my pregnancy. Embracing it as a time of transition and growth as my soul and spirit stretch, along with my body. Having raised a beautiful girl has given me courage to be proud of every bit of evidence in my body that shows that I am a mother. It will not be about hiding the bump, and bouncing back as soon as possible so that nobody notices that I actually gave birth. This time, it will be about celebrating the blessing of having another chance to raise another flower child.🌻 Shout out to Ellie for teaching me everything I know. To our little 🥑, we’re so blessed to have papa @chepoxz and ate Ellie as our support system.”

2. Being pregnant doesn’t make you stop exploring, for you and your family.

“Spent most of the year living on this island always too stoked to take any photos. List of summer activities being limited at 29weeks pregnant, I now have a ton. Here’s one photo (taken by @chepoxz) I will treasure for life: me and my 2 mermaids with Clay. Ellie got tired of being my model too quickly but it brought out an aspiring photographer in her anyway — she even made me teach her how to edit! (will post some of her work soon). This is just one of the things we discovered about herself this summer. Life on the island has definitely served not just as her giant playground, but a room for learning and discovering new things about the world we live in and about herself as well.☀️ I will never regret choosing to step out of my comfort zone to move my life here. #bestsummerever#buhayisla

3. Rewards (in moderation) are always a good idea.

“Back in the city = back to pregnancy updates and posing against my pink wall! I am 33 weeks pregnant today! Meaning: there’s no such thing as a good night’s sleep anymore, I now require 52 pillows to survive, heartburns have been so intense, need to pee 24/7, always dehydrated, found out Ive been anemic AF. BUT ALSO, since my last pink wall post- lazy days are over: I signed up for prenatal yoga classes 2x a week, been eating healthy (still inconsistent because chicken nuggets, snicker bars and doritos, but in moderation), lying around has been a chore so yes to playing with dolls and arts and crafts, etc, at home with Ellie. I now weigh 149lbs, from 125lbs (of muscle) at the start of this pregnancy— such an achievement coming from my first pregnancy where I weighed 103lbs (of emptiness lol) at the start and then 157lbs towards the last couple of weeks, which led me to undergo an emergency c- section. This time I am looking forward to going for a VBAC. so, in terms of being in better shape for it, so far so good! 
It was fun being a pregnant lady living in a bikini all summer on the island, but Ive also been happy living in the comfiest maternity clothing (specially this birthing robe) from @shoppinkblush lately, here in Manila.”

4. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can let go of yourself.

“Weeks 35, 33 and 28 respectively. My pregnancy brain totally forgot to post about the others so carousell it is.lolFeeling rounder and heavier by the day. I miss my shoulders so much. Getting nervous as I come closer to my due date! I am trying for VBAC, you see. And (if you haven’t read every other pregnancy update post of mine yet,) gaining too much weight like the last time, would lessen my chances. For some reason I dont look as bad in this (wk35) photo as I actually do, having gained 9lbs in 2-3 wks and all, but it doesnt mean I should be lax about what I do to stay in shape (while keeping baby safe and healthy, ofc). Been too excited about project comeback for after I give birth that I realise, it can actually start now!— On that note, this marks day 4 of project comeback: prenatal edition. 4 days is enough number to get my motivation back and remind myself that I still got this. I’ve worked pretty hard to adapt this holistic approach on health/nutrition and fitness, (and having a bigger fam soon means more little women to set good examples for), so I shouldn’t stop now.lol after all, being the best version of yourself starts from self- love.❤️”

5. The inspiration to be better will always be for you and your family.

“37 weeks! The waiting game officially begins. I am so ready for this pregnancy, as beautiful as it has been, to be over! Have been as behaved as I could be in terms of staying active and healthy. Easy, when your motivation is a safe and sooner delivery + healthy baby, which I have high hopes for at the moment basing on the angle of my bump, and, well, on my belly just looking like its about to burst.😆 Lately, merely sitting has been uncomfortable. Heck, breathing is so uncomfy! Sleepless nights, if not spent getting in and out of bed to pee even more, are spent overthinking everything that could happen during labor until post partum. both w/ our newborn and Me, anticipating all the changes in our life once again, PTSD, etc. I know I already have Ellie but I am still freaking out about all of this you guys!”

6. Final stretch: Prepare for plans A to Z. Remember that decisions should always be made for the safety of your family. Trust your motherly instincts!

“Week 39! Baby has been goin lower by the week according to my doctor. Such good news to hear but my situation still isnt ideal enough to be so sure of achieving my VBAC dreamz (same reason I went through a CS with Ellie in the past.) At the beginning of my second pregnancy, I became more aware of what I wanted for myself (and baby) and a VBAC + going as natural as possible was definitely the top priority. Honestly, I knew Id be devastated if I couldnt go for one. But as my pregnancy is nearing its end, all that matters to me is that I go through the best (safest) way to deliver baby into this world. I am still proud of myself because I at least tried and did what I could. I will accept what is meant to be and keep smiling! So in the event of another C- section, my new mindset is to just promise myself that I will be even more disciplined in terms of achieving a fast recovery. Getting back into my daily habits of living healthy and clean ASAP is enough motivation specially because this time I will be having a new little ray of sunshine to raise and nurture. I am still scared and nervous, but also very excited to officially be a mom of 2 very soon!”

We’re wishing Andi a safe delivery either way and a healthy baby. We’re also praying for her fast recovery.