WATCH: Marian Rivera donates tray of excess breast milk for babies in need

WATCH: Marian Rivera donates tray of excess breast milk for babies in need

By Kristelle Bechayda

Ask any mom and they can attest how breast milk is beneficial to their baby’s health and development. But not everybody is lucky enough to have an abundant supply of the liquid gold.

This inspired parent support groups like The Parenting Emporium (TPE) to promote milk sharing by accepting breast milk donations from other moms, which are dispensed to babies who are sick or whose mothers are unable to express milk.

Recently, actress and mom-of-two Marian Rivera-Dantes donated several pouches of her excess breast milk to TPE’s milk sharing hub after going through their screening process, knowing that a lot of babies will benefit from it.

“Kasi sobrang dami at alam ko na maraming nangangailangan at hindi lahat ng mga mommy eh nakapagproduce ng ganitong kadaming milk. So gusto kong i-share yung mga milk ko sa nangangailangan,” said Marian, who gave birth to her son Ziggy last March, on the video TPE posted on Instagram.

Her husband, Dingdong, lauds her dedication to breastfeeding and looks up to her as a ‘superwoman.’

“Being a witness to what she went through with Zia, and with what she is providing for Sixto, i know that producing that precious milk is not easy,” the actor wrote in an Instagram post. “And because she is blessed with this, i salute her for choosing to donate her excess expressed milk to those who need it the most.”

TPE recalls the day when they came to the Dantes’ household to pick up the donated milk.

“We were so happy because she willingly submitted to our screening process,” said in the video’s caption. “Then Daddy Dong made sure there was enough ice to keep the milk frozen until it reached our freezers. #BecauseParentingIsALegacy we know that Zia whom they encouraged to help in the entire process will grow up remembering the generosity her parents modelled for her.”

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