WATCH: Team Kramer’s new home has a room for another baby!

WATCH: Team Kramer’s new home has a room for another baby!

By Kristelle Bechayda

Last month, Doug and Chesca Kramer bid farewell to their home of six years to move into a new one. Ever since, the couple has been sharing snippets of what some parts of their new abode look like.

In earlier posts, we’ve seen the surprise indoor playground for Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, their family theater, outdoor pool, and the schoolroom. But Team Kramer gives everyone a full house tour through a video that was uploaded on their YouTube channel.

The couple also shared that whenever they move into a new house, they would also welcome a new baby months later. And having finally moved into their dream home, Doug and Chesca have already spared an extra room for their fourth baby.

“See? We’re claiming, we’re claiming to have a baby. So, Lord, please let us have a baby,” Cheska said in the video.

All throughout their journey, Doug and Chesca can’t help but feel grateful as they looked back on their humble beginnings when they were just renting at a 60 sqm. condominium unit.

“We lived content and happy,” Doug reminisced on his Instagram account. “Renting and trying to make ends meet. Honestly, we never compared our lives to others, we were focused on ourselves. We just knew that in God’s time, if He willed it, we would get our own.”