Orange & Peach: A brand made for Pinay moms

By Fatima G. Parel

“We adapt global concepts and global thinking into a local brand and we make it more available and accessible to Filipino moms because Orange & Peach is truly for Pinoy moms,” mompreneur Jasslyn “Jass” Tan shares at the launch of the mom-centric brand.

The mom of three, who started her own business back in 2011, tells Moms and Babies how her company, which started with just one product, is now producing 10.

“My husband and I wanted to come up with a business that we would enjoy as parents because we were planning to have a family soon. Something that’s related to babies and moms,” starts Jass, adding that her husband has always been supportive of her dream to put up her own business.

Thus, Orange & Peach was founded, starting with a breastmilk storage bag as the first product.

“Orange means new ideas while peach stands for nurturing moms,” explains Jass on the name of the brand. “We wanted something new and innovative because we knew that moms are always looking for new solutions.”

The second product to be released was a nasal aspirator. But just when the brand was picking up, Jass found herself facing motherhood. She admits that she had infertility issues before and was told by her doctors that she has to take a rest. Heeding the doctor’s advice,

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