Unicorn birthday dreams

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

If you love adorable and stylish girls, you would most likely be following @deardanielle.ph who has over 30,000 followers to date. This little lady celebrated a birthday milestone as she turned 7 years old recently. “Dani is our greatest miracle. She was born prematurely at 26 weeks, and a stillborn baby on the 9th of September year 2011. She’s a fighter,” reminisces mommy Khrystine Lozano.

Danielle Krystina Lozano is indeed a miracle, and the parents couldn’t help but document every single detail possible. The proud mom shares of their humble beginnings, “We enjoy taking photos of her since she was born. Later on, we dressed her up and became an accidental Instagram baby, then the features came. She is now modeling for different clothing brands.”

The surprise

Since the weather was unpredictable and they couldn’t set a party close to her actual birthday, Dani had no clue of the birthday party being planned by her family. “Good thing my sister recently got engaged and we found a reason for Dani to wear a gown. We told her that she’s going to be the flower girl. We sent invites to inform our guests that it’s going to be a surprise party.  I was really glad that none of her classmates told her about the party, while some parents didn’t tell their children. So I guess, they were surprised, too!”

The party details

The location was transformed into a magical kingdom filled with unicorns.

Kristelle Bechayda