Five times Paolo Contis has shown why he is a cool dad

By Kristelle Bechayda

Actor Paolo Contis has always been known for his funny disposition. His easy-going manner and antics have brought smiles to many, and he never holds anything back when it comes to his one-month old daughter with actress LJ Reyes. We have compiled some of his adorable dad moments since the day Summer Ayanna was born:

Daddy’s lion queen

Taken just a few days after Summer’s birth, Paolo uploaded a video of him mimicking a Lion King scene where Simba was being introduced to the rest of the jungle as their next king. The actor was sunbathing his daughter and holding her up while humming the tune of the film’s famous track “Circle of Life.”

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Sorry anak! I just had to! 😂😂😂 #SummerAyannaContis my Little #LionQueen 🦁 sorry nainitan ka kanina nung pina arawan kita anak ha! Don’t worry, bukas sa gabi kita papa arawan para hindi mainit!! Ano daw???? 😂😂😂

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Sandok sa sabaw

Paolo can’t seem to get enough of his newborn and wants to be with her all the time, even when he is eating. “Kaso delikado sa dining habang kumakain ako…muntik kita ipang sandok sa sabaw!” he joked.

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Gusto ko lagi kita kasama!

Kristelle Bechayda

Dads should spend more time with kids

By Arner Ang

January offers a fresh start. It’s the time to take stock of what we are doing and more importantly, why we are doing it. Maybe our goal is to raise a successful child, one that would grow up to be accomplished, wealthy and renowned in his field. But are these the “right” goals?

As fathers, we want what’s best for our children. And we do it by working hard to provide for what they need, to allow them to study in the best schools and to become successful in their chosen fields. I heard a story before of a well-intentioned dad who worked as an OFW to do just that. He sent money for all the things his son needed. But sometime during his teen years, he got into the wrong crowd and his life headed on a downward trajectory. He shared in his speech after recovery that he didn’t need his dad’s money, he needed his dad.

Was this the success the father dreamed of? The silent cry of the child was for his father’s presence, guidance and emotional support, and not the remittance slip. I do not discount that the dad needed to do this for practical reasons, but he failed to see the risk of his absence in his child’s life. We may not be OFWs, but at times we might be emotionally absent too. We bring home the bacon, then take a backseat to our fatherhood duties. Based on the research by FIRA (Father Involvement Research Alliance) in The World Needs A Father (A Trainer’s Guide) by Cassie Carstens,

Kristelle Bechayda

Joel Cruz Meets his 8th son Ziv

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Joel Cruz posted a video of him carrying his 8th son on his Instagram account just a week ago, so Moms & Babies took the opportunity to interview the doting father of eight.

Ziv Santos Cruz was born on the 6th of November in St. Petersburg, Russia. “Ziv is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. It means brilliance,” explains Cruz. When asked what his routine is when he meets his babies for the first time, he reveals that “The first thing I do is to carry him, kiss him, introduce myself as his daddy! I apologize for not seeing them right away, because I see them either after 1 or 2 weeks, or sometimes 4 weeks. I feed them, take pictures and videos, and in silence, I pray to Him for another gift of a wonderful, precious baby which will give me so much happiness and fulfilment as a father!”

Errands in Russia

Cruz also shared that he stays there for about 5 – 10 days, and does his errands in preparation for Ziv’s arrival to Manila. “I usually have my stem cell treatment, work on some documentations in different Ministry and in Moscow, meet Konstantin Svitnev (the owner of Rosjur consulting firm), finalize payments, and visit several ministries and Philippine embassy for my children’s documents.”

Home for the holidays

When asked where he plans to spend Christmas,

Kristelle Bechayda

Jason Mamoa is his own children’s superhero

By Kristelle Bechayda

The much-awaited sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe “Aquaman” finally hits the cinemas and Jason Mamoa’s character as Arthur Curry who is a son of a lighthouse keeper and princess of the underwater world Atlantis is making waves on social media. But in real life, the actor himself is just as interesting. Apart from being a model, writer, and filmmaker, Jason Mamoa is also a hands-on dad to his two kids with actress Lisa Bonet. Here are some adorable snippets of their father-children bonding:


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My lovees. My all blacks. My popcorn Happy papa. #missumama @allblacks Aloha j

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                                   They love watching rugby games.


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Dream come true my kids getting to meet SLASH😜😜😜😜😝😝mahalo braddah epic night. Big love @bigkemdizel Aloha j

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                                   They’re a big fan of Slash too!


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Wolfs dream to climb mountains. So we did our first big hike/camp at 12000ft Load them up and teach them with the unkos @trippysonit @normontesmvj DJ Papa brought the @guinnessus of course and the amazing dinner noodles with lots of butter lil salt and loads of peppa.

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Joel Cruz celebrates 3rd birthday of Prince Harry and Prince Harvey

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Twin brothers, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, celebrated their third birthday with Spiderman-themed party in Dusit Hotel. They are the second set of surrogate twins of “Lord of the Scents” Joel Cruz.

Always a trademark at his children’s birthday parties, Joel Cruz entered the party venue with all of his seven children in tow: eldest twins Prince Sean and Princess Synne (6 years old); twin birthday boys Prince Harry and Prince Harvey (3 years old), third set of twins Charles and Charlotte (1 year old), and his youngest son Zeid at 5 months old. As of this writing, he welcomed his 8th child, who was born last November 6 in St. Petersburg, Russia. This makes him a father to 8 surrogate children. All done via In Vitro Fertilization in Russia.

Intricate face painting and hair styling/grooming for the kids were stationed, as well as arts and crafts area for the kids to explore and enjoy. Dance numbers and magic shows were part of the program that kept the kids glued to their seats.

In an exclusive interview, Moms and Babies asked Joel about being a father to eight adorable kids, Joel Cruz reveals his wish for “I always hope and pray that my children will grow as God-fearing individuals. I want them to study well and value education. When they grow up and if they choose to follow my footsteps in managing Aficionado and the charity works I have been doing,

Kristelle Bechayda

I love my kids but sometimes they’re little pieces of sh*t

by Jayvee Fernandez


Dear fellow parent,

I know right? Hard to believe that I’m putting this down in words. But you gotta admit, this is what goes on in our heads behind the picket fences. We always have to put the disclaimer when talking about our kids to our close friends and family. About them being the love of our lives. We would die for them. But it doesn’t excuse us from calling them little pieces of sh*t on a regular basis.

On the day I found out we were pregnant, I was a flurry of emotions. From being dumbfounded to worried to excited to fear of the future. But guess what? The one thing that wasn’t on my mind were the future emotions I would feel when my youngest would topple a 5 gallon water container on the newly grouted floor causing a mini-flood in the living room. Or the frustrations I feel with my eldest learning how to read. The list goes on. Some people call it emasculating that men aren’t allowed to express frustrations about parenting, but hey that’s one of the best things about the Internet today; it’s brought together parents struggling to keep it together.

And that’s why I am writing this, fellow parents. Because even if social media has brought us all together, what we end up seeing on our Instagram #FeedGoals are always just the best moments.

Kristelle Bechayda