Look: LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis share glimpses of Summer Ayanna’s face

By Kristelle Bechayda

It has been a month since actress LJ Reyes gave birth to her daughter, Summer Ayanna, with actor Paolo Contis. Although the couple has been sharing their parenting journey on their Instagram accounts, they have yet to give us a glimpse of what their little one look like. Now that day has finally come as both LJ and Paolo posted simultaneously some shots from baby Summer’s newborn photoshoot.

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KONG HEI FAT CHOI!!! (eto talaga pinili kong picture para kamukha ko sya!😂) – Happy 1st Month my love!❤️ – – – #SummerAyannaContis

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In LJ’s post, a smiling baby Summer is swaddled in a thin pink blanket. Though her eyes are closed, it is evident that she got her chinky eyes from her mother.“Happy 1st Month my love!” LJ Reyes wrote in her caption and added that she chose that photo of Summer because she looked like her. We have to say, the resemblance is indeed striking!

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Kung Hei Fat Siya! Ay mali!! Kung Hei Fat Choi pala! 😂😂🎉🎉 sorry ang lusog kasi nitong nasa picture eh! 😂 happy 1st month to you Anak! 😍❤️ uwi ka ng maaga ha! Wag magpapagabi! Ano daw?? 😂 may gimik agad?? 😂😂😂 #SummerAyannaContis #BabyContis2019

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Kristelle Bechayda

LJ Reyes’ fun maternity shoot with Paolo Contis and son Aki

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng | Photos by Nice Print Photography

When LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis revealed to Moms & Babies their maternity shoot plans with Nice Print Photography weeks ago, we knew it was going to be filled with lots of laughter. Charisse Tinio of Nice Print took inspiration from the couple who love goofing around, and she proposed the idea of shooting with the theme of Expectation vs. Reality. “It’s actually a gift from Charisse, the owner of Nice Print Photography, who’s a good friend of ours! She asked me to look for a peg, but when she presented her idea of Expectations vs. Reality, we loved it! We only had a few conversations online and one meeting! Haha that’s how well she knows her craft!” reveals LJ.

LJ’s son Aki joined the shoot, which took place last December 13 at The Forest Barn in Tagaytay. The two men in LJ’s life showed that there is a lot of hard work involved behind each glam shot. “We really wanted that everybody was involved. When Charisse proposed us the theme, it was so instant to Pao to include Aki with the reality part. Because in reality, it’s really how we are when we’re together. It’s really how Pao and Aki are towards me and to each other. Ang kulit! Haha… I have to give Pao credit because he really is the source of laughter. He made sure it’s a memorable day for me!” adds LJ.

When asked what their personal favorites are,

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Maternity shoot tips from LJ Reyes

LJ Reyes had her first maternity shoot, which was taken and conceptualized by Nice Print Photography, last December 13 at The Forest Barn in Alfonso, Cavite. Moms & Babies asked her how to get those IG-worthy maternity shots that trended on social media and she shared these three easy tips:

When should be a good time to shoot?
Well, I think 3rd trimester is the best time when your belly has fully grown. I had to wait for mine to grow a little bigger but it would always depend on when the mother is comfortable too!

How did you prepare for this shoot?
We just had to show up there! Nice Print made it easy for us. Pao (Paolo Contis) made me rest the day prior, so I won’t get tired of the travel considering the holiday traffic we faced. I was in good hands with my glam team, Rick Calderon and John Paul Dizon!

Can you share tips for other pregnant moms if they want to have a maternity shoot?
I think you have to make it your own, and make it as memorable for you. It doesn’t have to be unique and grand. It just has to express how happy and excited you are for the coming of your new bundle of joy! Also make sure that it’s safe for you. It’s tiring enough to do a whole day of shoot,

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Pregnancy notes from LJ Reyes

LJ Reyes is pregnant with her second child, and she’s having a baby girl. “Each pregnancy is different. I never really focused on this before since I only had one. Now that I’m anticipating baby no.2’s arrival, I can’t help but ponder on it.” she shares. Read below to find out how different her two pregnancies are.


With Aki: I was 22.

With Summer: I am 30.

Morning sickness:

With Aki: I had morning sickness until early 4 months, all throughout the day. (At walang pinapalampas na pagkain, lahat suka!)

With Summer: I’m still having morning sickness until now. It’s not as often but it still comes and goes, with the strongest at night. I’m on my 8th month!


With Aki: Mobile! To the point I was still dancing and working until the 5th month. I did yoga from 6th month until before giving birth!

With Summer: The hip pain started early. (I hope it’s not age😂😅) I have low lying placenta and I’m not allowed to workout!

Baby’s movement:

With Aki: He likes long stretches in my tummy, kicking my ribs and lungs!

With Summer: I think she likes riding bicycles! Her kicks feel like pedaling. Oh, the scraping inside my tummy! Yes, scraping right where her feet are!

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A baby shower for LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng | Photos by Nice Print Photography

“The pregnancy was a very sweet surprise!” exclaimed the blooming LJ Reyes with a big smile. Moms & Babies was present at their baby shower held recently at The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub, and everyone can feel the excitement of the couple in meeting their baby girl Summer Ayanna real soon.

Baby preps
In preparation for the baby’s arrival, LJ Reyes is on her 34th week and revealed that they have been very prompt with all the scheduled checkups. They also did Congenital Anomaly Scan, gestational diabetes test, and monitored her low-lying placenta in the early stages of her pregnancy. “It’s been a long time since we took care of a baby, so we took refresher class at The Parenting Emporium. We also have to buy all the baby stuff from scratch, but we’re also blessed with the generous gifts from a lot of our friends and family,” shared LJ.

Party style

Pie Tuazon of The Nest was the gracious host of the afternoon, where she invited her suppliers for an opportunity to get to know the celebrants. Moms & Babies asked why “pink tropics” was her chosen theme, “Summer has been a name I have been wanting for my future daughter. It makes me feel so hopeful and warm! I wanted us to feel that ambiance with the theme and decors.” LJ sent styling pegs for the table setting which the stylist,

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