How to introduce your kids to a plant-based diet

By Kristelle Bechayda

With our busy schedules and the fast-paced lifestyle we currently live in, we tend to serve our kids with whatever is available in the kitchen. Sometimes, we are even guilty of grabbing fast food meals at drive-through when time no longer permits for cooking. While it might be easier and convenient to just resort to easy-to-cook meals or prepare what our kids want just so they would eat it quickly, we might be putting their health at risk.

Recently, Moms and Babies got to interview Juana Yupangco, who is behind the nonprofit organization Mesa ni Misis. A firm believer of the benefits of a plant-based diet, the mom-of-two shared how she introduced that kind of lifestyle to her kids and some tips for parents to follow.

Tweak the foods that they like

Juana started introducing vegetables to her kids, Jaime and Rosanna, when they began eating solid food. When they were little, she would mash it up and mix it in their food so they wouldn’t see it. But as they got older, she decided to stop doing it. “I don’t believe in having to hide stuff anymore for them, so I try to make it into something like finger food when they were smaller or dumplings.” she explained.

One tip she shared is to convert the children’s favorite dish into a vegetable dish. She also dishes out these three recipes she has tried before:


Kristelle Bechayda