Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s tips for on-the-go moms

By Kristelle Bechayda

As a host, actress, mom, Amazing Race Asia season 5 winner, and former beauty queen, Maggie Wilson-Consunji has done so much in her life. Now, she adds entrepreneur to that list of accomplishments as she recently put up her furniture shop and cafe Casa Consunji. At the launch of her partnership with cloud platform GoDaddy Inc., Moms and Babies got to ask Maggie for some tips that other on-the-go moms can take notes from.

On handling daily activities

Maggie calls herself a very busy woman. Apart from running her business, she is also co-hosting in the travel show Beached, where it takes around four to five days to shoot one episode. While the taping may take up most of her time, she still prefers to be hands-on with her business.

“I do have a TV show but when it comes to sourcing and finding new suppliers, I along with my partners Janella and Parul picked every single item in the store ourselves. We’re super hands-on about that.” she said.

The former beauty queen is going to have more in her hands now that she is planning to expand her store. The thought of handling so much while being a mother and wife might be overwhelming, but Maggie still manages to get everything done.

“It’s all about time management,” she shared. “I believe in planning everything ahead because that way,

Kristelle Bechayda

Raising Zia: Parenting tips from Marian Rivera-Dantes

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

The pretty mother-daughter duo, pregnant Marian Rivera-Dantes and Maria Leticia Dantes, were officially introduced as the Nido 3+’s celebrity endorsers. As soon as they entered the venue, their TVC was shown as part of the program’s introduction. Guests were thrilled to watch three-year-old Zia gushing about her very own commercial, and kept asking for the video to be shown again. Mom Marian was quick to explain that her daughter is like that, every time a new ad comes out. She likes to watch it over and over again. It seems we have a very beautiful and talented star in the making.

At the intimate launch, Marian shared her personal experiences on how life is with the very active Zia. “Kapag 3 years old kasi, maraming activities at development ang nangyayari so kailangan bilang nanay, makisabay ka,” shares Marian. Zia showed very good behavior all throughout the program, and guests couldn’t help but wonder how the pretty mom does it. She shared with the guests some effective parenting tips for toddlers that she learned along the way:

Start them early

When it comes to food, Marian proudly reveals that Zia isn’t a picky eater. She gives credit to introducing different food types as early as possible. “Kasi siguro, since nung pinanganak ko siyasinanay ko siyang kumain ng mga pagkain na gusto kong kainin,

Kristelle Bechayda

Mom-of-two Michela Cazzola shares three parenting tips

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It’s all whole new ball game when you have two kids, or more! We asked Michela Cazzola how she juggles taking care of two very young kids, Michael James (MJ), 4, and Francesca Michelle (Francy), 6 months.

1. Focus on your eldest, initially.

Give time and more attention to the eldest, especially during pregnancy. In my case, it helped with the jealousy towards the youngest, and now, after months, he feels more comfortable when I spend time with the baby.

2. Let the eldest familiarize with the younger one.

I was overprotective initially, but changed strategy with time.

3. Learn to prioritize.

Initially I used to find it hard to “split” my time between the two. I realized it’s not a matter of diving the time, it’s a matter of organization and learning how to prioritize needs.

Kristelle Bechayda

Richard Gutierrez’s tips for busy parents

By Kristelle Bechayda

One of the hardest challenges of parenting is balancing your time between work and family. During the digital media conference of Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry Fantastica: The Princess, The Prince, and the Perya, actor Richard Gutierrez gives these tips for busy parents like him:

1. Set your priorities

2. Time management

3. Communication with your partner

4. Planning ahead

Richard, who is a big family man, finds it important to spend time with his family as much as possible. In fact, he takes every opportunity he gets to bond with them. We can only imagine the actor looking forward to Christmas, where he will be spending it with his whole family at his parents’ (Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama) house.

As for his sentiments towards his upcoming film with Vice Ganda and Dingdong Dantes, he finds it to be a good family movie. “Alam natin si Vice, once a year gumawa (ng pelikula), tuwing Pasko. She makes sure talagang pang buong pamilya ‘yung tipong pelikulang gagawin niya.” he says.

He adds that is one factor that prompted him to accept the project.

Kristelle Bechayda

Donita Rose: Motherhood is one tough balancing act

Growing up in a relatively small family, I have always wanted to have more kids. I want my house to be filled with the sound of laughter and stories from my little ones. But taking it from my mother who has raised me and my three siblings, she said, “It’s easy to be a child of four, but it’s not easy to be a mom of four.” Cliché as it may sound, but no child will understand it until she becomes a parent herself.

As a mom to my only son, JP, I’ve struggled with the transition of being a bachelorette to being a mother. Fourteen years later, I’ve come to realize that the secret to parenting is finding the balance: be it with their health, school and maturity.

It’s all about proper nutrition

Finding that balance starts with their good health. I’d like to think I’m not obsessed with being clean in avoiding viruses that might infect him. I’m not one of those germ freak moms who follows their kids with sanitizers. In fact, I’m okay with JP getting dirty outside, because it’s how he’s active with his lifestyle.

Nutrition is something that I try to watch out for more. We’ve been trying to get rid of junk food, artificial juices, sodas and sweets, but I allow him to have at least 2 bags of chips for the week. I teach him to try alternatives like fruit juices and smoothie bowls – and he’s kind of into them!

Kristelle Bechayda