Fun food fare for the family

By Paulyne Fermin

Nothing brings friends and family together like good food does. Wednesdays and weekends are dedicated for family days. This means taking a vote on where we want to go, what we want to do and most importantly, what we want to eat. My kids are perennially hungry and are always willing to try something different. So last month, aside from indulging in old favorites, the family tried new flavors.

Tempura the Tenya way

My daughter and I are tempura monsters! We know good ebi tempura from the minute we take our first bite. Some are soft, some too heavily battered, most use shrimps and not tiger prawns. Tenya, however, is known for its deep-fried battered seafood, meat and vegetables which are cooked using infrared heat technology, ensuring consistent tempura every time. The flavor of Tenya’s tendon (tempura rice bowl) is based on a proven combination of 100% hearthealthy canola oil and a flavored flour which gives it that light and crispy finish. Dontare sauce is liberally drizzled once the seafood is placed on top of a heaping, steaming bowl of Japanese rice.

Japanese rice bowls. Seafood, vegetables and meat tempura tendon cooked the Tenya way.

At the recently opened Tenya branch in Tiendesitas, I tried the Jo Tendon set. My daughter is a purist and devoured her Classic All Ebi Tempura Teishoku set, which is served with potato salad and hot miso. The boys enjoyed the tempura-fried maki with mango,

Kristelle Bechayda

4 ways to limit gadget use

By Paulyne Fermin

Having fun has a totally different meaning for today’s kids. With the dawn of the digital age, our children are constantly exposed to rapid visual stimulation and have easy access to online games. As a parent, I am very vigilant in limiting the use of gadgets.  Not only does technology affect physical health, it has negative repercussions on mental health as well.

Squeeze and Bake

One way of channeling their energy to something productive is to introduce new activities. Recently, my seven year old put on her Maya Kitchen apron and made colorful Christmas pancake art. I wanted to help her with her Christmas tree design but she firmly told me, “I can do this Mom!” while deftly squeezing and drawing – and she did. For her second edible masterpiece, she cooked a cute rainbow. Next, with a chef instructor by her side, my junior chef whipped up a Happy Mug chocolate cake and topped it with caramel sauce in less than three minutes. I made a mental note to purchase the microwavable mug cakes. They’ll make cute Yuletide gifts to her classmates and can be a fun activity for R’s next play date with her friends.

Little Miss Engineer

Have you heard of Engineering For Kids (EFK)? In my Mommy viber group,

Kristelle Bechayda