Tidying up your cleaning schedule

Tidying up your cleaning schedule

By Joyce Reyes-Aguila

We do not wait for any part of our home to have stains or even an unpleasant smell before we step in to clean it, right? Still, the task of maintaining a household – no matter the size – can be overwhelming and bewildering. Some need visual signals like stains that signal them to attend to something. Busy schedules do not allow all of us to be punctual and vigilant when it comes to ensuring that everything is spic and span.

Today, we list some home chores and our recommended timelines for attending to them. We tell you why you should change your bed sheet after seven days, and how often you should hang a fresh set of towels. Mark your calendars or set reminders on your phone for your updated house cleaning schedule.

1. Change the bed sheets.

Weekly. Think of two things: How clean you are when you get on the bed (Did you take a bath after work or a trip to the mall?); And if you eat, work, sort bills, or place your work bag or gym bag on your bed. If all these apply to you, then you should understand the need to wash your sheets once a week. According to hygiene expert Dr. Lisa Ackerley in an interview with Daily Mail Australia, not doing so can make you prone to viruses and infection, and harm your body further in the process.

2. Wash your pillows.

Every three to six months, says marthastewart.com’s Alexandra Churchill. She explains that doing so removes the removes mold, bacteria, and odor. Further, she says that pillow cases should be washed weekly and pillow protectors laundered every month.

3. Clean and polish floors.

Consider the traffic on the floors in different parts of your home. Is it an area when your kids play? What rooms do your pets often linger in? Mop your floor as soon it looks dirty. A good washing can be done every week and polishing can be scheduled every other week. Do sweep and vacuum your floor before you clean it. Having rugs and mats on doorway can help lessen the dirt on these surfaces.

4. Deep-cleaning bathrooms.

Churchill says the toilet should be cleaned thoroughly once a week. Changing your shower curtain’s liner should also be scheduled every seven days. If you cannot change your liners, scrub with a solution that is 10 parts water and one part bleach, according to Churchill’s article “How Often Should I Clean That?” Bathroom surfaces should be cleaned daily; use a squeegee for your bathroom walls.

5. Change towels.

You earn 10 extra points if you change your wash towel after three uses, and another 10 points if you replace your hand towels every two days. “(And) wherever there is odor, there are microbes growing, so (towels) should be washed,” New York University School of Medicine microbiologist Philip Tierno told housebeautiful.com. A damp towel is exposed to the elements of microbial life like water, warm temperature, and oxygen, the website explains. A damp or abused towel will transfer bacteria to your skin, negating the purpose of every bath you take.

6. Change and wash your curtains.

Every six months, according to Australian property solutions provider domain.com. The site explains that even though curtains do not come in contact with the body, they are hot spots for dust. Double the frequency if you live with someone or have allergies. Regularly vacuum curtains to help remove dirt and particles between washes.

7. Clean the refrigerator.

Attend to spills and stains weekly. Discard spoiled produce every seven days as well, suggest Karen Gibbs of today.com. Make a habit of cleaning shelves, door shelves, and drawers every month. Wash these in lukewarm water and mild detergent. Attend to the door, water dispenser, ice dispenser, and gasket every monthly as well. Your duties to do not end there. The drip pan and condenser fan cleaning should be cleaned every three months while the condenser coils filled with refrigerant every six months.

8. Vacuum carpets.

Once a week, Churchill points out, because “even if you have a no-shoes policy for your home, dirt inevitably builds up in your home.” The writer says that every carpet, mat, or rug will require different cleaning measures, depending on the material. As a general rule though, machine-washable throw rugs and runners should be laundered every seven days.

9. Clean the garage.

This is a monthly chore that requires at least two days to accomplish. When doing so, take everything out. The garage is partly also used as storage for some households; not attending to the clutter there will allow the continuous buildup of things you have to attend to eventually. Clean the garage floor, wall, windows, ceiling, and lighting fixtures. While you are letting certain areas dry or air out, decide on what you need to bring back inside. Dispose of items you no longer need to free up space as well.