Gadget Packs

Gadget Packs

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Living in the digital age gives us the opportunity to be more productive in whatever task is at hand, be it in school, at work, or out in the field. All we need is a good Wi-Fi connection and the necessary gadgets such as a smartphone and a laptop, and we’re good to go.

It may seem simple enough, but these tools come with charging cables. Some work better listening to music, bringing a pair of earphones in their bag, too! One can imagine how a work bag can get pretty disorganized. Take better care of your gadgets with these accessories from SM Stationery, available at The SM Store:

Protect your cables

These adorable animal-themed covers will make sure charging pins and cables are safe.

Prop it up

Working on the laptop, but need to check on your phone as well? These stands will do just the trick.

Music to the ears

Headphones or earphones? Take your pick from any of these cool colorways. 

Power nap

These handy neck pillows will put you to sleep before you know it. 

Hot stuff

Stressed from deadlines calls for these colorful portable fans. 

Jot down notes

Make writing extra fun with this set of sequined pen and notebook. 

Electric juice

Out and about means bringing extra battery packs, so you’ll never run out of power. 

All tied up

A keychain and bag charm that can hold your earphones, why yes, please!

Boom box

Play some music with these portable bluetooth speakers while you’re working on a group project.

From blue tooth speakers to portable battery packs, SM Stationery has got you covered with everything you need to make working better and productive. As the saying goes, work doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun! And these cool and colorful gadgets are here to make sure you excel and enjoy the things you need to tick off from your to-do-list.