Raising Virgo

Raising Virgo

By Robert Rubin | Illustrations by Roc Verdera

Originating from the “virgin,” the horoscope sign Virgo represents love, service, responsibility, and nurture. The sixth of the 12 zodiac signs, they are immensely complex creatures with a large desire to show their love to the world due to their desire to receive love as well. Born between Aug. 23 to Sept. 22, Virgos are known for being sticklers when it comes to following rules, and they show their love to all those who they encounter. Virgos tend to hold themselves to very high standards and because of this, they have a bad habit of placing high expectations upon themselves and others. Thus, Virgos have near perfectionistic tendencies.

Some are blessed with the honor of having Virgos as little angels in life. Raising a Virgo child can teach us many lessons, especially in philanthropy, service, and so much more. This quick guide is meant to help you understand some of the amazing things you’ll experience raising a Virgo child.

Virgos are very mental

They are very cerebral, which means that they will tend to overthink a lot. Great patience is required from parents when they express this trait as it is a common facet of most Virgos. Games and mental puzzles like Sudoku and riddles will always stimulate the mental gifts of Virgo children. As parents, we should strive to challenge the mental facilities of our Virgo children by allowing them to engage in self study of topics that interest them. We should also support their chosen interest by giving them more learning opportunities to grow in their chosen fields of interest.

Virgos are always at your service

Virgo kids like to take care of others. They gain great pleasure in nurturing and sharing joy, so social activities like food drives and charity projects are good avenues to express the philanthropic side of a Virgo child. With a deep-seated nature to serve others, parents should get the kids involved at an early age. Leadership and community activities are amazing ways to train little Virgos to become future leaders of tomorrow.

Virgos are hardworking and detail-oriented

Don’t make the mistake of trying to cut corners with Virgo children, for their attention to detail usually borders on being obsessive compulsive. It’s because of this gift that Virgo children make good problem-solvers. It’s also important to teach them the value of appreciation, so that they won’t focus only on what’s lacking in their lives.

Virgos are talented artists

To augment their amazing analytical skills, Virgos are gifted in self-expression but it must be a form of self expression that they can resonate with. Give them options on which form of art they would like to perform and be amazed with what they create.

Virgos remember everything and take responsibility very seriously

Of all the signs, Virgos are the most dedicated when it comes to their jobs. This also relates to the children. When given a task, expect them to take the job very seriously and to do whatever it takes to make it a success. In his pursuit of excellence, it’s also important to assure your Virgo child that it’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t allow your Virgo child to beat themselves up over shortcomings because, more than just being a Virgo, they are children and are allowed to commit mistakes and learn from them.

How to raise your Virgo children

With a strong desire to serve others and a habit for excellence in the things that they do, little Virgos will make amazing leaders and some of the most competitive people in their chosen fields of study. Thus, giving them opportunities to shine and test their limits will bring out the best in them, for it will show them how hard work can take them. Supporting your Virgo child is essential, but not at the expense of their own peace of mind. One of the best tools we, as parents, possess for our Virgo children is that we will be there when they fall. By letting them learn early on about the realities of life, they will come back stronger each time with us parents just around the corner.

Robert Rubin is the author of The Intuitive Within and founder of Mysterium Philippines. He is the leading Tarot Authority in the country with over 23 years of experience. He is married and has two lovely children, a Daschund named Isis, and three lovely cats (Ajna, Puff, and Luminara).