It’s a Unicorn Party!

It’s a Unicorn Party!

By Jane Kingsu Cheng

Let’s face it, studying can be quite a chore, most especially for children. Staring at the same notebook and reviewing the school lessons over and over again, parents know these all too well. Halfway through, the kids will start complaining about how tired they are from studying.  What’s a parent to do?

One tried-and-tested strategy is to make the environment conducive to studying, absorbing all that needs to be remembered and understood. SM Stationery has the right accessories to spruce up that magical desk to set the kids (and even you) in a studying mood. And did we mention affordable, too? Here are some of the many unicorn-themed accents that are perfect for the study table:

Keep yourself in check

Review time means there will be pages that we need to review over and over again. Use these pretty clips and attach them onto the pages we need to go back to. 

Make no mistakes

Life isn’t perfect, and so is our handwriting. This colorful correction tape will save the day for those times we make a wrong spelling. 

Light them up

Celebrate a fruitful afternoon of hardcore studying by lighting up this multi-colored night light. 

Fun packs

Store all your writing essentials in these unicorn-themed pouches. Add a little more sparkle with these sequined ones, too!

Jot them down

Got to have them all! These notepads with clipboards make taking down notes extra fun.

Book it

With so many things lined up day after day, it’s always good to write them down on your calendar.

Fill the pages

Writing down notes is extra inspiring with these hardbound notebooks. The mystical unicorns on the cover and the pretty bow make it extra feminine, too!

Dream big

Need a break? Take a power nap and rest on these sequined pillows, and wake up refreshed.

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